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Kyle Schuett Improves Throughout Shortened Racing Season

Kyle Schuett Improves Throughout Shortened Racing Season

(Photo by Dirtman Photography)

Inside Line Promotions – PHILO, Ill. (Nov. 18, 2020) – Kyle Schuett showed improvement during the 2020 racing season despite a shortened and altered schedule due to the pandemic.

“We were satisfied with the way our season went, especially due to the changes made to our schedule,” said Schuett, whose schedule was pared from 30 races to 19 for his sophomore season in a sprint car. “We felt we learned a lot even though a number of our scheduled races were canceled.”

The beginning of the season evolved into baptism by fire for Schuett because of early season event cancellations.

“We had planned to race primarily with MOWA and IRA, but when their early races were canceled our first five or six races turned out to be with the World of Outlaws since they were the only ones racing in our area at that time,” he said. “It’s obviously a huge challenge to race with the Outlaws, but there were some silver linings in racing with them. Due to the high live-streaming viewing numbers at that time, we were able to provide our sponsors and team more exposure than usual. And that carried over to the large crowds when fans were able to attend. It also gave us important track time, which is vital to our young team.

“Unfortunately, it meant more time and expense on the road for us than we had planned. Racing here in Illinois didn’t start until about mid-July. Most of our weekends were spent traveling to tracks four-to-five hours away.”

Despite a shortened schedule, Schuett and his team were able to acquire vital knowledge and experience that he expects to prove valuable moving on to 2021.

“We learned a lot more about our engine following a meeting with our engine builder, Scott Fischer,” he said. “Things like engine power curves, shock absorber calibrations, tires, gears and other settings began to come together regarding the balance of the car, especially later in the season.”

Schuett showed marked improvement in qualifying, which is an area he had little experience in prior to this season.

“We won five heat races this year and we were able to start closer than usual to the front in the features,” he said. “We improved as the year progressed and had one of our better nights at Dodge County with the IRA in September when we won our heat race, made the dash and finished eighth in the feature. I’m sure we would’ve done even better if we knew then what we know now about the car. We learned a lot about our car at our last race of the season.

“We’re excited about next year. We’re running the exact same stuff as this year so we’re looking forward to putting that knowledge to work when we rebuild everything this winter and go to the track in 2021.

“We especially want to thank all of our supporters who helped us this year. We wouldn’t be able to do this without the assistance of Health Alliance, Progressive Propane, AMSOIL, Allstar Performance, DMI and those who helped us at the track. We’re also grateful for the new friendships we forged at the track this year.”


19 races, 0 wins, 0 top fives, 3 top 10s, 9 top 15s, 13 top 20s






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“We’re extremely grateful to have Health Alliance backing our team again this year,” Schuett said. “The company is a leading provider of health plans and we encourage everyone located in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio and Washington to check out their options by visiting their website at”

Schuett would also like to thank Health Alliance, Progressive Propane, AMSOIL, Roof Bolt Transport, Engler Machine and Tool, Hoosier Tire Midwest, R&B Powder Coating, Allstar Performance, Safety Kleen (The Official Environmental Service Company of Schuett Racing), Diversified Machine (DMI), Rod End Supply, Hooker Harness, Steve Thomas Racing, Smith Titanium and J & K Property Rentals, LLC., for their continued support.


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