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6/11/2022 at Fairbury Speedway - Fairbury, IL

410 Sprints - Winged: IRA Interstate Racing Association with MOWA-Midwest Open Wheel Association

Kyle Schuett

410 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 1Time: 2002.0528DNF
Dash 2Time: 126.63644th
Heat 2Time: 286.08622nd
Qualifying 1Time: 11.7251610th
Hot Laps 1Time: 13.481623rd

410 Sprints - Winged

A Feature 1

30 laps | 01:01:38.326
121Joe B. MillerMillersville, MO51B
210Scotty ThielSheboygan, WI73
318Zane DeVaultPlymouth, IN14H
413Jake NeumanNew Berlin, IL3N
57Ryan BuntonMorton, IL6R
612Russel BorlandKewaskum, WI23
717Scott NeitzelBeaver Dam, WI2W
86Anthony D'AlessioApollo Beach, FL01
915Jordan GoldesberrySpringfield, IL65
1024Dave UttechKenosha, WI68
111Jake BlackhurstHanna City, IL39
1220Caden EnglehartTerre Haute, IN71M
1319Trevin LittletonJacksonville, IL1
14 (DNF)23Will ArmitageAthens, IL7A
15 (DNF)16Jeremy SchultzBeaver Dam, WI5J
16 (DNF)11Shelby BosieLincoln, IL3B
17 (DNF)9Brayton LynchSpringfield, IL29L
18 (DNF)2Kevin Thomas JrCullman, AL71
19 (DNF)3Paul NienhiserChapin, IL9X
20 (DNF)8Kyle SchuettPhilo, IL9K
21 (DNF)4Blake NimeeOswego, IL79
22 (DNF)14Jeremy StandridgeSpringfield, IL10S
23 (DNF)22Jack RoutsonWaterman, IL14
24 (DNF)5Danny SchlaferGibson, WI25

B Feature 1

12 laps | 00:11:35.898
15Joe B. MillerMillersville, MO51B
21Jack RoutsonWaterman, IL14
33Will ArmitageAthens, IL7A
410Dave UttechKenosha, WI68
54Austin HartmannPlymouth, WI87A
69Austin ArchdaleBrimfield, IL2A
714Kris SpitzSalem, WI4K
87Tyler TischendorfWaupaca, WI26
98Hunter CusterChippewa Falls, WI29
1011Scott CongerEagle, WI24
116Luke VerardiTaylorville, IL28
1212Jacob PattonBethalto, IL79J
1315Tyler ShoemakerClinton, IL1T
142Scotty MilanFort Collins, CO97
1513Preston PerlmutterSan Antonio, TX42P
DNS-Cory BrunsLincoln, IL42

Dash 1

4 laps | 00:02:40.775
11Jake BlackhurstHanna City, IL39
25Paul NienhiserChapin, IL9X
33Danny SchlaferGibson, WI25
44Ryan BuntonMorton, IL6R
52Brayton LynchSpringfield, IL29L

Dash 2

4 laps | 00:02:03.371
13Kevin Thomas JrCullman, AL71
21Blake NimeeOswego, IL79
32Anthony D'AlessioApollo Beach, FL01
44Kyle SchuettPhilo, IL9K
55Scotty ThielSheboygan, WI73

Heat 1

10 laps | 00:05:01.304
12Blake NimeeOswego, IL79
21Russel BorlandKewaskum, WI23
33Danny SchlaferGibson, WI25
44Anthony D'AlessioApollo Beach, FL01
55Scott NeitzelBeaver Dam, WI2W
67Joe B. MillerMillersville, MO51B
78Hunter CusterChippewa Falls, WI29
86Dave UttechKenosha, WI68
99Preston PerlmutterSan Antonio, TX42P

Heat 2

10 laps | 00:04:43.794
13Kevin Thomas JrCullman, AL71
22Kyle SchuettPhilo, IL9K
34Paul NienhiserChapin, IL9X
41Jeremy StandridgeSpringfield, IL10S
55Zane DeVaultPlymouth, IN14H
66Austin HartmannPlymouth, WI87A
77Tyler TischendorfWaupaca, WI26
88Jacob PattonBethalto, IL79J
99Kris SpitzSalem, WI4K

Heat 3

10 laps | 00:06:42.114
14Scotty ThielSheboygan, WI73
22Shelby BosieLincoln, IL3B
33Jake BlackhurstHanna City, IL39
48Jeremy SchultzBeaver Dam, WI5J
56Caden EnglehartTerre Haute, IN71M
65Will ArmitageAthens, IL7A
71Luke VerardiTaylorville, IL28
87Scott CongerEagle, WI24
99Tyler ShoemakerClinton, IL1T

Heat 4

10 laps | 00:12:10.656
11Ryan BuntonMorton, IL6R
26Jake NeumanNew Berlin, IL3N
34Brayton LynchSpringfield, IL29L
47Jordan GoldesberrySpringfield, IL65
55Trevin LittletonJacksonville, IL1
63Jack RoutsonWaterman, IL14
78Austin ArchdaleBrimfield, IL2A
8 (DNF)2Scotty MilanFort Collins, CO97
DNS-Cory BrunsLincoln, IL42

Qualifying 1

111Anthony D'AlessioApollo Beach, FL0111.586
231Paul NienhiserChapin, IL9X11.593
31Scotty ThielSheboygan, WI7311.595
433Brayton LynchSpringfield, IL29L11.644
529Danny SchlaferGibson, WI2511.651
64Kevin Thomas JrCullman, AL7111.665
75Jake BlackhurstHanna City, IL3911.675
832Jack RoutsonWaterman, IL1411.686
920Blake NimeeOswego, IL7911.704
1016Kyle SchuettPhilo, IL9K11.725
1124Shelby BosieLincoln, IL3B11.730
122Scotty MilanFort Collins, CO9711.751
1323Russel BorlandKewaskum, WI2311.773
1435Jeremy StandridgeSpringfield, IL10S11.787
1518Luke VerardiTaylorville, IL2811.793
1614Ryan BuntonMorton, IL6R11.794
1722Scott NeitzelBeaver Dam, WI2W11.838
1819Zane DeVaultPlymouth, IN14H11.865
1926Will ArmitageAthens, IL7A11.906
2030Trevin LittletonJacksonville, IL111.964
2113Dave UttechKenosha, WI6811.976
2227Austin HartmannPlymouth, WI87A11.976
2312Caden EnglehartTerre Haute, IN71M11.986
246Jake NeumanNew Berlin, IL3N12.020
2525Joe B. MillerMillersville, MO51B12.079
263Tyler TischendorfWaupaca, WI2612.094
2721Scott CongerEagle, WI2412.101
287Jordan GoldesberrySpringfield, IL6512.105
298Hunter CusterChippewa Falls, WI2912.189
3015Jacob PattonBethalto, IL79J12.237
3110Jeremy SchultzBeaver Dam, WI5J12.258
329Austin ArchdaleBrimfield, IL2A12.283
3334Preston PerlmutterSan Antonio, TX42P12.326
3428Kris SpitzSalem, WI4K12.636
3536Cory BrunsLincoln, IL420.000
3617Tyler ShoemakerClinton, IL1T0.000

Hot Laps 1

133Brayton LynchSpringfield, IL29L
231Paul NienhiserChapin, IL9X
332Jack RoutsonWaterman, IL14
429Danny SchlaferGibson, WI25
530Trevin LittletonJacksonville, IL1
635Jeremy StandridgeSpringfield, IL10S
720Blake NimeeOswego, IL79
824Shelby BosieLincoln, IL3B
926Will ArmitageAthens, IL7A
1025Joe B. MillerMillersville, MO51B
1119Zane DeVaultPlymouth, IN14H
1223Russel BorlandKewaskum, WI23
1314Ryan BuntonMorton, IL6R
1421Scott CongerEagle, WI24
1511Anthony D'AlessioApollo Beach, FL01
163Tyler TischendorfWaupaca, WI26
1728Kris SpitzSalem, WI4K
1818Luke VerardiTaylorville, IL28
1922Scott NeitzelBeaver Dam, WI2W
2013Dave UttechKenosha, WI68
2112Caden EnglehartTerre Haute, IN71M
226Jake NeumanNew Berlin, IL3N
2316Kyle SchuettPhilo, IL9K
2415Jacob PattonBethalto, IL79J
254Kevin Thomas JrCullman, AL71
2627Austin HartmannPlymouth, WI87A
271Scotty ThielSheboygan, WI73
287Jordan GoldesberrySpringfield, IL65
292Scotty MilanFort Collins, CO97
3010Jeremy SchultzBeaver Dam, WI5J
315Jake BlackhurstHanna City, IL39
328Hunter CusterChippewa Falls, WI29
339Austin ArchdaleBrimfield, IL2A
3436Cory BrunsLincoln, IL42
3534Preston PerlmutterSan Antonio, TX42P
3617Tyler ShoemakerClinton, IL1T
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6/1/2022 - Big Events on the Horizon

The Bumper To Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint Series has a trio of events coming up in early June beginning this Saturday June 4th with an open wheel special featuring 3 divisions of sprint cars at Wilmot Raceway. Saturday June 11th is a...

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