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7/30/2022 at Plymouth Dirt Track-Sheboygan Co Fair - Plymouth, WI

410 Sprints - Winged: IRA Interstate Racing Association

Kyle Schuett

410 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 1Time: 1065.09711st
Dash 1Time: 216.12811st
Heat 2Time: 216.25645th
Qualifying 1Time: 11.76782nd
Hot Laps 1Time: 13.22587th

410 Sprints - Winged

A Feature 1

30 laps | 00:17:45.097
11Kyle SchuettPhilo, IL9K
28Danny SchlaferGibson, WI25
32Scott NeitzelBeaver Dam, WI2W
44Jordan GoldesberrySpringfield, IL65
57Jeremy SchultzBeaver Dam, WI5J
612Blake NimeeOswego, IL79
715Steve MeyerSheboygan Falls, WI85M
814Jake NeumanNew Berlin, IL3N
93Tyler TischendorfWaupaca, WI26
1011Russel BorlandKewaskum, WI23
115Todd DaunPleasant Prairie, WI19
1210Austin HartmannPlymouth, WI87A
1318Kris SpitzSalem, WI4K
1417Preston RuhElkhart Lake, WI26R
159Jereme SchroederLake Villa, IL43
1620Scott CongerEagle, WI24
1716Jack VanderboomDousman, WIU2
1813Hunter CusterChippewa Falls, WI29
1919Dave UttechKenosha, WI68
2021Kevin KarnitzWest Bend, WI7R
216Jake BlackhurstHanna City, IL39
DNS-Jack RoutsonWaterman, IL14

Dash 1

4 laps | 00:03:36.128
11Kyle SchuettPhilo, IL9K
22Tyler TischendorfWaupaca, WI26
33Todd DaunPleasant Prairie, WI19
44Jeremy SchultzBeaver Dam, WI5J
55Jereme SchroederLake Villa, IL43

Dash 2

4 laps | 00:02:20.787
11Scott NeitzelBeaver Dam, WI2W
23Jordan GoldesberrySpringfield, IL65
32Jake BlackhurstHanna City, IL39
44Danny SchlaferGibson, WI25
55Austin HartmannPlymouth, WI87A

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:03:59.674
11Jeremy SchultzBeaver Dam, WI5J
23Danny SchlaferGibson, WI25
34Jordan GoldesberrySpringfield, IL65
42Todd DaunPleasant Prairie, WI19
55Steve MeyerSheboygan Falls, WI85M
67Kris SpitzSalem, WI4K
76Dave UttechKenosha, WI68
DNS-Jack RoutsonWaterman, IL14

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:03:31.932
12Tyler TischendorfWaupaca, WI26
21Russel BorlandKewaskum, WI23
33Scott NeitzelBeaver Dam, WI2W
45Jake NeumanNew Berlin, IL3N
54Kyle SchuettPhilo, IL9K
66Jack VanderboomDousman, WIU2
77Scott CongerEagle, WI24

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:03:54.682
12Jake BlackhurstHanna City, IL39
25Blake NimeeOswego, IL79
31Hunter CusterChippewa Falls, WI29
44Austin HartmannPlymouth, WI87A
53Jereme SchroederLake Villa, IL43
66Preston RuhElkhart Lake, WI26R
77Kevin KarnitzWest Bend, WI7R

Qualifying 1

118Jordan GoldesberrySpringfield, IL6511.750
28Kyle SchuettPhilo, IL9K11.767
321Austin HartmannPlymouth, WI87A11.769
42Danny SchlaferGibson, WI2511.785
514Scott NeitzelBeaver Dam, WI2W11.841
620Jereme SchroederLake Villa, IL4311.926
73Todd DaunPleasant Prairie, WI1911.937
811Tyler TischendorfWaupaca, WI2611.968
95Jake BlackhurstHanna City, IL3911.972
109Jeremy SchultzBeaver Dam, WI5J11.990
1112Russel BorlandKewaskum, WI2311.998
1215Hunter CusterChippewa Falls, WI2912.020
131Steve MeyerSheboygan Falls, WI85M12.026
1416Jake NeumanNew Berlin, IL3N12.070
154Blake NimeeOswego, IL7912.107
1610Dave UttechKenosha, WI6812.112
1713Jack VanderboomDousman, WIU212.174
1817Preston RuhElkhart Lake, WI26R12.388
196Kris SpitzSalem, WI4K12.415
2022Scott CongerEagle, WI2412.622
217Kevin KarnitzWest Bend, WI7R12.691
2219Jack RoutsonWaterman, IL140.000

Hot Laps 1

116Jake NeumanNew Berlin, IL3N
218Jordan GoldesberrySpringfield, IL65
34Blake NimeeOswego, IL79
415Hunter CusterChippewa Falls, WI29
512Russel BorlandKewaskum, WI23
614Scott NeitzelBeaver Dam, WI2W
78Kyle SchuettPhilo, IL9K
811Tyler TischendorfWaupaca, WI26
93Todd DaunPleasant Prairie, WI19
101Steve MeyerSheboygan Falls, WI85M
1121Austin HartmannPlymouth, WI87A
125Jake BlackhurstHanna City, IL39
137Kevin KarnitzWest Bend, WI7R
1420Jereme SchroederLake Villa, IL43
159Jeremy SchultzBeaver Dam, WI5J
1622Scott CongerEagle, WI24
176Kris SpitzSalem, WI4K
182Danny SchlaferGibson, WI25
1910Dave UttechKenosha, WI68
2019Jack RoutsonWaterman, IL14
2117Preston RuhElkhart Lake, WI26R
2213Jack VanderboomDousman, WIU2
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Kyle Schuett and his family made the decision to put aside a very successful Midget career back in 2019 in favor of a Winged 410 Sprint Car. The team found early success with the MOWA Sprints in the southern Midwest, and then made...
Schuett Breaks Inside the Winners Club

7/31/2022 - Schuett Breaks Inside the Winners Club

22 cars checked into night number three of the Hopf Farms Bullring Showdown at the Plymouth Dirt Track in Plymouth, WI. Jordan Goldesberry would pick up the Osborn and Son Trucking Fast Time Award with a lap of 11.750. We were als...
Schuett Racing Inc. Cementing “Contender” Status with IRA in Sophomore Season

7/26/2022 - Schuett Racing Inc. Cementing “Contender” Status w...

Kyle Schuett’s goals in 2021 were to simply get acclimated to a new series, new tracks, new competition and come away with the Sage Fruit Rookie of the Year Award. The Urbana, IL based team did that, and then some. Finishing Top 1...

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